About Vibet Travel & Tourism

We delight to entertain with opportunities to go on thrilling programs beyond the words, answer It royally cause there is a world to see, ready your camera because you'll get breathtaking views of top attractions you'll pass by from different angles of the world, so make sure to get to cover maximum landmarks on your tour.
We have a dedicated team creating special moments in the UAE and around the world, and we ensure a memorable time from the moment you arrive till the moment you leave, our eyes looking forward to steady growth by spreading the branch roots towards the areas of demand from potential customers.
Vibet for travel and tourism is a UAE company based and licensed by the Government of Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism. Through our B2B, B2G, and B2C client services, we have gained the reputation of being one of the leading companies in the UAE for our excellent travel expertise. Our expertise in handling worldwide holiday packages, visa processing, hotel bookings, trips, and excursions gives us the ability to provide our clients with special holiday plans and activities in an easy and relaxed manner.
Our Inspiration
We aspire to achieve our words “A World to See” that extend all our client's expectations and dependability in the areas of planning, visualizing, and executing programs and events for Leisure, We work with your goals and budget in mind. Flexibility is the company’s philosophy to go above and beyond, which has made Vibet travel and tourism a leader to reckon with!
Deeply held beliefs drive and direct our actions, so we believe at Vibet that success is measured against more than just a sales figure, guided by our passion for excellence. Through each of our businesses we define best practices and set the benchmark for others to follow. We believe in long-term business relationships that are based on mutual trust, ethical business practice, and the single-minded pursuit of delivering the extraordinary.
Our Vision to set the benchmark for developing and unlocking brand potential in the Middle East continues and guides our business around the world. A quality policy can guarantee tighter management over the standard of travel and connected service and our dedicated company travel team keeps the relationship with our purchasers to produce them with an immediate response. With Vibet, each travel chance is going to be an instant to care for and be an ‘Inspiration for pleasure’ and that we can live up to our slogan of “A world to see”
Mission & Vision
We set outstanding standards throughout travel programs in GCC and around the globe, With an ambitious team providing in-depth destination knowledge combined with delivering client objectives that exceed expectations for individuals, families, corporate, and group travel.
The customer has remained at the core of everything that we do, with our mission – to offer you exceptional travel experiences. Travel with confidence as we take you ‘beyond the booking’, with the latest travel news, updates, and insights, all the travel services you need.
Our Team
Our team of travel experts with years of experience and in-depth knowledge along with sincere dedication plays a vital role in all our endeavors to meet customers’ requirements in the travel trade. The positive attitude encourages them to face the new challenges of every day, with confidence.
Our Network
Our distribution network chains start at the centers of the UAE. By uniting efforts, bring to the forefront the needs and aspirations of businesses and their Stakeholders